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Satın Alma Prosedürleri

Satın Alma Prosedürleri

Title Deeds; Tapu in Turkish

A TAPU is an official document which shows you have ownership rights over the real estate. The owner's full name and photograph, and detailed information on the asset appear on this document
Property Purchasing Procedure in Turkey

1-     Application to Military Authorities

A formality to ensure that the property is outside of a restricted or militiry zones. Approval is recieved in 1,5 between 3 months.

2-     Conveyance

In contrast to most European countries, the entry in the property register in Turkey is not performed by a Notary Public, but by an official of the Property Registry Department. It is a legal requirement for both sides (the seller and the buyer) to be present at the entry. It is possible to authorize another person by giving a Power of Attorney at Notary Public. The Title Deed transfer does not require the intervention of a Notary Public in Turkey. After the entry and delivery the property register issues a proof of ownership, which is called ‘Tapu’.   


Giving Power of Attorney at Notary Public

App. 150 Euro (Including Sworn Interpretor)


Conveyance tax

4 % of the property value stated in the Tapu Office. This is paid at one of the State Banks at the time of conveyance (the amount stated in the Tapu Office is lower than the real property value and the tax cost approximately between 400-5000 Euro).

Registration Fee at the Property Registry Department (Tapu Office)

App. 65 Euro.

Completion Report (Iskan)
Obtaining Completion Report or Habitation Report (New built properties only): 
Starting from 400 Euro, depending on the size and the location (Belediye/Municipality)
Electricity Subscription
New connection of electricity meter: 
App. 100 Euro (once only) 
Name transfer of an existing connection: 
App. 55 Euro (once only)
Water Subscription
New connection of water meter: 
App. 60 Euro 
Name transfer of an existing connection: 
App. 30 Euro 
Telephone Subscription
Land Line Telephone:
NB.: You can only get a land line telephone registered if you have residence permit in Turkey.
Annual Expenses of owning property in Turkey
Property tax (Emlak Vergisi)
App. 0,1% of the property value declared by the local municipality (to be paid before the end of May each year).
In most cases annual property ta¬x of a 2 bedroom apartment in Alanya Region is app. 100 Euro.
Energy cost per kwh: 
App. 0,0930 Euro (December 2007 including VAT and diverse taxes)
Water cost per m3: 
Approx. 0,60 Euro (Excluding VAT and diverse taxes)
Cost per unit: 
App. 0.039 Euro, Standard Tariff. 
Monthly rental: 
App. 7.20 Euro, Standard Tariff.
Unit period (province): 
60 Seconds
Telephone Tariffs include VAT (% 18), exclude SCT (%15)
Please visit www.turktelekom.com.tr  for further information on Telephone..